Monday, July 6

Carli Lloyd Scores Hat Trick In 16 Minutes, U.S. Women Win World Cup

Again, I'm not going to pretend like I enjoy watching soccer. But it was pretty cool seeing the U.S. beat Japan 5-2 to clinch their first World Cup victory since 1999 technically only three World Cups were played in between then and now, but the length of time sounds so much cooler with the years involved.

Game MVP goes to Carli Lloyd, who scored less than three minutes into the game. Litchrally seconds later, she added another goal.

Then, less than 16 minutes into the match, the U.S. got their third goal from Lloyd, and fourth of the game. This one was from freakin' midfield.

Way to go, ladies. Doing our country proud. U-S-A (x 100).

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