Welcome to the landing page for Locally Sourced Joey, the podcast where I interview folks far more interesting than I am. Listen along, won't you?

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Episode 1: It All Begins
Joey's mom and dad join him to talk about the Taste of Chicago, the Art Institute, and songs they enjoyed while growing up.

Episode 2: Party Like a Rock Star
Good friend Jen Rock joins the podcast to chat about karaoke, broadcast news, and which concerts would be the most fun to crash. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 3: The Wing Girl
Joey is joined by The Wing Girl, Marni Kinrys, to talk about some dating and relationship advice. Marni is releasing a book That's Not How Men Work in September, and has her own podcast called "Ask Women." Listen along, won't you?

Episode 4: DJing in LA
Joey is joined by Grant Shapiro, an LA DJ who's performed alongside stars like Katy Perry, Pharrell Williams and Avicii. Follow Grant on Twitter at @grant_shapiro. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 5: All About That Band Life
Friend of the podcast Andrew Swinney joins us to talk about memories from his career in a number of bands and orchestras, as well as life as a band teacher. Spoiler: it wasn't the best life. Swinney and Joey also discuss other school memories, but good and bad, sure to entertain anyone who has ever attended any level of school. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 6: Couch Fest
Austin filmmaker Keller Davis joins the podcast to talk about Couch Fest, a worldwide film festival that takes place in more unorthodox locations, like offices or people's couches. One of the greatest worst movies ever also gets some attention. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 7: N64 Nostalgia, Part 1
Friend of the podcast Michael Livengood joins us to play some GoldenEye and Mario Kart for the Nintendo 64 game system. Franxilla stops my to shake her collar on occasion, too. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 8: N64 Nostalgia, Part 2
Joey and Michael continue playing some video games, and reflect on the finer things in life after a thorough run through Super Smash Bros. Franxilla is still shaking her collar. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 9: It's a Mario Party
After a wildly successful video game podcast with Michael Livengood, he's back, and he's brought some pals along with him. Matt Rommelmann and Kevin Sanders join the podcast to play some Mario Party 2. There are a few shenanigans, some nice costumes, Franxilla appearances, and maybe even a laugh or two. Who will be the superstar? Listen along, won't you?

Joey speaks with Ben Hardesty, lead singer of the band The Last Bison. They are QUITE good. Ben and Joey talk about touring, recording, and the weirdest live show Ben has ever played. Hint: it's a doozy. Apologies for the technical difficulties, but they don't really start until the final few minutes, so like 70% of things are fine and dandy. Listen along, won't you?

Friend of the podcast Chris Hayes joins to talk about all things March Madness. We fill out our brackets (I do so on the fly), discuss some snubs, talk some Cinderella, give some shout outs, and make some picks we'll most certainly be ashamed of in a few weeks. Gotta love it. Listen along, won't you?

With brackets at some level between pristine and destroyed, Joey is once again joined by Chris Hayes to talk a little college hoops. We're at the point where March Madness becomes more about quality than upsets, and there are plenty of games to look forward to and discuss. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 13: Let's Dance
In this episode, Joey is joined by Trevor Vaz of the extremely catchy Brooklyn-based band Dances. The two discuss the worst show the band has ever played, favorite dance moves, and plenty more. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 14: Hitting the Links
On this episode, Joey is joined by Scott Dow, offer of the thoroughly-entertaining book The Flem Cup. The pair talk some golf, friendship, and dissect possibly the best story about hot sauce you've ever heard. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 15: Night People
Joey is joined by Larry J. Dunlap, author of the memoir Night People - Things We Lost In The Night. The two discuss doing homework with music on, playing multiple shows in the same night, and a ton of other shenanigans. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 16: The 90-Second Rule
Joey is joined by mental performance coach Jim Fannin, creator of the S.C.O.R.E. Success System and the 90-Second Rule. The two talk about how focusing your mind for simple 90-second bursts can improve your relationships and your overall life, athletes Jim has worked with, tennis courts the world over, and plenty more. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 17: Barstools, Cabs and Books
On this episode, Joey is joined by Bob Makela, who, quite frankly, puts the Most Interesting Man in the World to shame. Bob has driven cabs, began a very cool event known as Barstool Poetry, is starting an indie press and even has a few podcasts of his own (but please finish this one first). Listen along, won't you?

Episode 18: Chicago By The Sea
On this episode, Joey is joined by friend of the podcast Sarah Lewis. The two discuss a plethora of topics, including life in Chicago, delicious recipes, and favorite curse words. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 19: This Is The Voice
In this episode, Joey chats with legendary singer and voiceover/onscreen actress E.G. Daily. Unless you've been living under some sort of rock the past handful of decades, chances are you've seen her or heard her voice somewhere, whether it was as Dottie in Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure, Buttercup in Powderpuff Girls, or Tommy "Lead Baby" Pickles in Rugrats. E.G. and Joey discuss all of these things, favorite lines of her characters, her appearance on The Voice, and much, much more. Say hello to E.G. on Twitter, and listen along, won't you?

Episode 20: Touchdown Celebrations
In this episode, Joey is joined by fellow UM alum Zander Kean, Director of Media Relations with the Jacksonville Sharks of the AFL, and co-host of his own podcast, Win The Points. The two discuss the crazy finish to the Miami/Duke game, broadcasting life, and some of the craziest touchdown celebrations this side of the Mississippi. And also on the other side of the Mississippi. Listen along, won't you?

Episode 21: Movie Magic
In this episode, Joey is joined by friend of the podcast Michael Copeland. The two discuss Michael's perhaps irrational fear of horses, his own idea for a podcast, and movies we'd like to have a bit role in. Here's Michael's video we talk about, as well. Listen along, won't you?