Saturday, July 4

Coheed and Cambria Sing Justice Scalia's Dissenting Opinions

Last week the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalizing gay marriage in all 50 states. It's a monumental decision for sure, but it was also a 5-4 decision. That means four Supreme Court justices are against this; one of them is Antonin Scalia, who's made quite a name for himself in terms of long, pretentious, vitriolic word choices when delivering his opinions on a subject. In fact, you can create your own Scalia criticism using this generator.

Scalia's dissent for this most recent Supreme Court ruling included the words "mummeries" and "judicial Putsch." Good luck deciphering that. Most of us need some help, so Coheed and Cambria (of Coheed and Cambria fame) have taken the time to sing out his dissent. It may still not make any sense, but boy, does it sound good.

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