Wednesday, November 28

Watch Out, Cam Newton!

In this new PLAY 60 commercial, Cam Newton finds himself talking to a kid that has aspirations to play in the NFL. But, as Cam soon finds out, this young whippersnapper is thinking up even bigger plans. Hilarity all around.

Sunday, November 25

Win Tickets to See The Rolling Stones in Concert

The Rolling Stones have been around for 50 years, and they're going on tour to commemorate that first performance. While tickets are sold out, if you're interested in seeing the legendary rockers, Wines That Rock is offering a pair of tickets to check out the Stones live at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on December 8.

The Stones won't be around forever, so to jump on the opportunity, visit the Wines That Rock Facebook page by November 30 and enter for a chance to win two tickets. The winner will be notified on December 1.

Want more chances to win? For every additional person that you share this contest with that enters, Wines That Rock will enter your name again for an additional chance to win. If and when that happens, grab a few bottles of Rolling Stones Forty Lick Merlot for celebratory purposes.

Click here for complete rules and regulations. And to all those who do enter, good luck!

Saturday, November 24

Ranking the Pokemon: #71- Weepinbell

Weepinbell really suffers from the same thing a lot of Grass-types in Generation I suffered from: its second type. Nearly every Poke that's Grass in the first series of games is also Poison. And Weepinbell is...well, weepin' because of that fact. Granted, the only additional weakness is now to Psychic (in addition to Fire, Ice and Flying), but since Psychics were such a common type back then, that's a pretty big additional weakness.

Being a grassy plant, as well, Weepy gets the standard "annoying but not very accurate" movepool, including PoisonPowder (which for whatever reason is one word), Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, and Game Freak threw Wrap on there just for good measure. In fact, only two of Weepinbell's moves have 100% accuracy. Surely that's some kind of record that someone with even more time on their hands than I have can verify this.

Onto the good parts, though - despite a fairly limited movepool, Weepsaclaus does have fairly quality Attack and Special, so you can make it both a special and physical fiend. You'd probably want Solarbeam on there to take advantage of STAB, but something like Double-Edge isn't a bad idea to take advantage of that Attack. Finish it off with either Growth or Swords Dance, depending on which way you want your 'Bell to go. And as inaccurate as it is, Stun Spore does paralyze your opponent, and that's always beneficial.

Finally, Weepinbell looks like a DustBuster. Well, if that DustBuster was a plant. Just look at it. It's got a handle, a big suction, the whole shebang. And if I can clean a couple rooms of my house while battling with a Pokemon, then that's going to give it some brownie points in my book.

Battling Grade: C+

Thursday, November 22

The Perfect Guide to Holiday Etiquette

This video from Buzzfeed goes over the do's and don'ts of holiday etiquette. gets weird, quickly. Enjoy!

Thanksgiving 101

We all celebrate Thanksgiving, but how many know the history behind it? I sure didn't, so I made a video to share what I know. This might be Final Cut editing at its best, people.

Monday, November 19

A Delightful Song About Dying

In what I believe is simply an ad for the Metro in Australia, check out this insanely catchy and good-natured song about the many dumb ways you can die. What makes this even more adorable is the happy jelly beans acting and singing the song. Try to not smile while watching this. I don't think it's possible.

Sunday, November 18

DeAndre Jordan Pranks People by Farting on Them

In a new video from The NOC, Clippers' F/C DeAndre Jordan heads over to Venice Beach with a fart machine in his pocket. It's typical lowbrow humor, but his interaction with the older woman at the end is pretty awesome. Why no one in Venice (which is not too far from the Staples Center, where the Clippers play) doesn't recognize a nearly seven-foot basketball player walking around is beyond me, but I suppose most Venicians (is that what they're called?) aren't really sports lovers. Either way, check it out.

Wednesday, November 14

Arian Foster Will Not Give You His Hat

This commercial is like two months old, but it still makes me laugh every time. Some random NFL fan wants to have Steven Jackson's game-worn jersey. S Jax explains that it's too sweaty and he shouldn't want it. Undeterred, said fan asks Arian Foster for his hat. But Foster's in the middle of an interview, so that just won't fly. The last line gets me EVERY TIME.

Monday, November 12

The Greatest Game Of Basketball Ever Played

At least by our youth league team in a championship game. Going through The Vault, I found a video of a game I played in as a third-grader. And for whatever reason, I thought putting some commentary over it would be a great idea. Hope you like it!

Sunday, November 11

I Ate My Kids' Halloween Candy!

Here's another one that I'm very late on. Jimmy Kimmel issued another challenge to parents: once again, tell your kids that you ate all their Halloween candy. While some of these kids make me cringe over how upset they get, the ones at the end restore faith in humanity.

Conan O'Brien Spoofs Live-Election Results

I know, I know, I'm about a week late with this. But I don't care. It's awesome. Conan and Andy Richter go through some of the lesser-known polling results. Forget about the presidency - this video has things like Rhode Island deciding to no longer be a state, but rather a storage unit for Massachusetts. Some good stuff in here...check it out!

Friday, November 9

It's Thanksgiving, Yo!

Oh. My. Goodness. This is the greatest thing to come out of the genius that is Patrice Wilson since, well...Rebecca Black's "Friday." The song is called "It's Thanksgiving" by budding young artist Nicole Westbrook. And by "budding young artist" we mean "the latest in a line of kids whose parents are rich."

It's a laughably bad song about sharing good times during the Thanksgiving season, but the music video is what really makes this shine. You can just see Wilson laughing all the way to the bank, as he appears multiple times in the video. Sometimes he's saying which holidays are in specific months (Christmas in December, New Year's in January, etc.), other times he's dressed as a giant turkey in a room full of children. There are several ridiculous looks given in this video, too, and at the end of the song, Westbrook sings into a turkey leg as if it's a microphone.

Tuesday, November 6

Will Ferrell Will Do Whatever It Takes to Get You to Vote

Sunday, November 4

This Wins the Award for Best Stiff-Arm Ever

One of the more overlooked matchups on Saturday was the battle between the Auburn Tigers and the New Mexico State...uh...Aggies? The reason the game was overlooked was because each of these teams only had one win coming into the weekend. Auburn won 42-7, and the best play was a fumble recovery returned for a touchdown. Watch as the Tigers' Daren Bates had possibly the best stiff arm I've ever seen. Keep in mind that this was a DEFENSIVE player, who rarely has a reason to even use the stiff arm technique. Simply incredible.

Saturday, November 3

Chris Rock Urges Nation to Vote for the Whitest President

With the presidential election arriving on Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel Live had Chris Rock make a little segment on who should get your vote. Addressed to "white people," Rock goes through the facts, and deduces that the "whitest" president deserves to win. Pretty funny stuff.

Thursday, November 1

Halloween Sneeze Prank Turns Some Heads

Magicians sure do love toying with the common folk, don't they? In this case, the answer is a resounding "yes." Watch as magician Rich Ferguson pretends to sneeze. And it's a POWERFUL sneeze. Enough to scare kids and adults alike.