Sunday, July 22

Sacha Baron Cohen Is Back On Network Television with "Who Is America?"

It's really spectacular what Sacha Baron Cohen is capable of doing. The man who brought us Borat, Ali G, and Bruno is back with another incredibly smart and biting satire – this time diving right into the political climate of our country. Who Is America? airs on Showtime Sunday nights at 10pm ET/PT, and boy, does it look intense.
This first look video shows Cohen posing as Col. Erran Morad, an "anti-terror expert." He sits down with a handful of folks and experiments in the playground that is America. One of his experiments? Actually getting support from real life people within the government to give guns to kindergartners. Yes, this is absurd, and yes, it's a little terrifying. But Cohen has always made us think with his work, even when it's inane. If this preview is any indication, he's done it once again.

Sunday, July 1

Bad Lip Reading Takes On The NBA

Few things are better than the "Bad Lip Reading" series. I think it's even more enjoyable when I know what's being said, as is the case with a few of these clips. Either way, it's pretty spectacular.

The video has been out for a few weeks, but with free agency starting today, why not revisit it? It's a true relic now, since LeBron is no longer a Cleveland Cavalier. We're watching history here, everyone!

Thursday, June 14

Between Two Ferns Is Back And Just As Awkward As Ever

It's been more than a year since we last saw Zach Galifianakis sitting Between Two Ferns. Thank goodness he's back – in possibly the funniest episode yet. Zach is joined by Jerry Seinfeld, whose lower-third graphic reads "Funny: 1993-1997." HYSTERICAL.

But wait, there's more! Cardi B stops by to be her usual weird self. She also gets a super cute gift and throws a lil' shade towards Seinfeld before floating back to some sort of cloud castle or wherever she hangs out in her spare time. It's wonderful all around. Enjoy!

Monday, June 11

Kobe Bryant's New Series "Detail" Takes On The Office

Kobe Bryant has never shied away from obsessing over the little things. Perhaps there's no better name for his new show than Detail, in which he dives into NBA games, sharing his insight on individual plays. You'll hear where defenders could have better approached a situation, when screeners are falling asleep, and generally all the small details you don't notice while watching a basketball game.

But no game has ever had higher stakes than the battle between the sales team and the warehouse from Season 1 of The Office. In this special episode of Detail, Kobe takes us through some of the pivotal plays of that game. We'll check in on Roy's defense of Jim, a key screen freeing Dwight up for an easy jumper, and Michael Scott's full-court heave. It's all here, and it's all spectacular.

Sunday, June 10

USC Pulls Off One of the Craziest Comebacks in the 4x400 Women's Relay

Let's set the scene for the above video. USC needed to win to clinch a national title. Anything less than that and Georgia would complete a sweep of both the men's and women's track and field championship.

After USC botched the final handoff, it looked like everything was falling apart. But nobody told USC anchor Kendall Ellis that. She just starts chugging and pulls off one of the most insane comebacks I've seen in any sport. She managed to juuuust inch ahead of Purdue's Jahneya Mitchell at the end of the race, securing the championship for the Trojans. Highly recommend watching with sound, as well. The building buzz of the crowd going nuts is fantastic.