Tuesday, July 28

Crisp Bounce Pass: A Newsletter About Basketball

As you know, I'm a big ol' fan of basketball. Give me basketball news, basketball updates, basketball cards, basketball games, basketball memes. I want it all.

There's a lot of folks like me out there, too, which is why I want to share Crisp Bounce Pass, a digital newsletter about basketball. 

This newsletter covers all kinds of basketball topics, from cool basketball players to forgotten games. But it dives in even further, looking at stuff like basketball in pop culture, fun facts, and branding exploration.

For example, the most recent issue looks at the evolution of the Milwaukee Bucks logo. How did it go from a reindeer wearing a delightful sweater to a fierce looking buck that pays homage to the city where the team plays? You'll have to click through to find out, but it's a fun time.

The NBA season tips off again this week and I'm excited to have basketball back in our lives, even if it's going to be in a weird bubble-only format with no fans. And I'm excited there are things like Crisp Bounce Pass to keep us educated and entertained with all sorts of quirky topics as the season chugs along.

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