Saturday, November 24

Ranking the Pokemon: #71- Weepinbell

Weepinbell really suffers from the same thing a lot of Grass-types in Generation I suffered from: its second type. Nearly every Poke that's Grass in the first series of games is also Poison. And Weepinbell is...well, weepin' because of that fact. Granted, the only additional weakness is now to Psychic (in addition to Fire, Ice and Flying), but since Psychics were such a common type back then, that's a pretty big additional weakness.

Being a grassy plant, as well, Weepy gets the standard "annoying but not very accurate" movepool, including PoisonPowder (which for whatever reason is one word), Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, and Game Freak threw Wrap on there just for good measure. In fact, only two of Weepinbell's moves have 100% accuracy. Surely that's some kind of record that someone with even more time on their hands than I have can verify this.

Onto the good parts, though - despite a fairly limited movepool, Weepsaclaus does have fairly quality Attack and Special, so you can make it both a special and physical fiend. You'd probably want Solarbeam on there to take advantage of STAB, but something like Double-Edge isn't a bad idea to take advantage of that Attack. Finish it off with either Growth or Swords Dance, depending on which way you want your 'Bell to go. And as inaccurate as it is, Stun Spore does paralyze your opponent, and that's always beneficial.

Finally, Weepinbell looks like a DustBuster. Well, if that DustBuster was a plant. Just look at it. It's got a handle, a big suction, the whole shebang. And if I can clean a couple rooms of my house while battling with a Pokemon, then that's going to give it some brownie points in my book.

Battling Grade: C+

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