Thursday, February 9

Ranking the Pokemon: #113- Growlithe

Look, I'll be honest. I think a Growlithe would be a fun thing to have as a pet. He's small enough that he wouldn't be wrecking terror upon my house, and he's at least kind of furry in places, so he'd be fun to pet. His fire attacks also wouldn't do as much damage as his evolved folk, so more bonus points for that. But that's where the compliments end.

Growlithe has two things kind of going for it--its Attack and Speed. Outside of that, though, it's not very good. And you can probably guess from that picture that its type is Fire. We've already gone over that Fire is not a very good type, since it doesn't kill much (and what it does is generally covered by other, better types), and is weak to a lot of common types (Water and Ground amongst them). In later generations it learns cool moves like Extremespeed, but since we're just in Generation I here, lil' Growlie is just a boy in a man's game. Or a girl in a woman's game. They didn't do genders back then, so pick and choose!

Battle Grade: C-

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