Thursday, February 9

Will Ferrell Announces Lineups For Bulls-Hornets Game

Fans watching the Chicago Bulls/New Orleans Hornets matchup from Wednesday night got a special treat, as Will Ferrell was on hand to announce the starting lineups for each team. With interesting tidbits about each player, such as Derrick Rose's favorite movie being The Notebook, or Ronnie Brewer rivaling Kobayashi by eating 20 hot dogs in a minute, Ferrell channels his Semi-Pro days, with fairly hilarious results.

Sadly for the fans, this might have been the only entertaining part of the evening, as the visiting Bulls demolished New Orleans 90-67. Check out both starting lineups getting their names called below, and sorry for the annoying kid in between lineups. Jump to 3:05 after the Bulls get introduced to get back to the hilarity.

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