Thursday, February 2

Ranking the Pokemon: #114- Paras

Goodness, it's already been almost a month since the last one. I really need to get better at updating these. Buckle down, Joey, you got this.

Also, I should clear up the "Grade" part, since there has been some confusion as to how it's different from the ranking. I think I mentioned this way back on Caterpie, which seems like multiple years ago, but the "Grade" is strictly a battling score. Rankings take into account battling ability, how you obtain it, coolness, utility (so an HM slave might gain a few spots even if it sucks as a battler), and various other criteria. Got it? Here we go!

Paras is kind of cool--it and Parasect are the only two Pokemon in the game that learn the move Spore, which instantly puts your opponent to sleep (and I believe has a 100% success rate, so unless your opponent uses Double Team or Sand-Attack or some other move that reduces accuracy, it's going to work). That's awesome, and makes the Paras line one of the better sleep-inducers in the game. I'm not sure if they're the best though, for one reason: they are SLOW. Like...the tortoise and the hare will both finish the race long before Paras is even halfway done with it. I'm graduating college before Paras has completed first grade. Paris Hilton has become a decent human being before Paras even knows how to use the Internet to visit Perez Hilton. The point is, it has one of the worst speeds in the game. And since I'm a fan of the fast Pokes, that hurts its ranking quite a bit.

But, on the positive side, Paras has very good Attack and pretty decent Special stats, so using Slash or Mega Drain can do some damage (after the opponent has been put to sleep, of course). Paras will have to take a hit before it can do said sleep-inducing, of course, but if it can do that, you're in pretty good shape.

Battle Grade: C

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