Wednesday, July 27

Ranking the Pokemon: #146- Caterpie

A lot of the Pokemon you encounter early in the game are pretty terrible, and a TON of the trainers insist on using garbage bug Pokemon. Caterpie may be the worst garbage bug Pokemon, but this is ONLY assuming that Metapod/Kakuna have been leveled up from a Caterpie/Weedle (because even though Harden is terrible, three moves are better than two). Tackle + String Shot won't win you many battles, unless it's against another bug Pokemon. Specifically, another Caterpie, and MAYBE another Weedle. Although Caterpie can hold its own against Ditto, Magikarp, and probably even Farfetch'd. Yes, Farfetch'd is that bad.

Grade: F (this is the first of several cases where a higher-ranked Pokemon will be graded worse than a lower-ranked one. There's no logical explanation for it, but here goes one anyway--the final grade is more a reflection of battling utility, while the ranking is more a reflection on multiple categories, such as coolness, usefulness, battling ability, etc.)

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