Friday, February 10

Jeremy Lin Madness

Jeremy Lin, the first American NBA player of Taiwanese descent, has been all the rage this weak. Going from the bench to averaging more than 25 points and 8 assists per game this past week, Lin has certainly deserved the praise. Of course, due to his deep Christian beliefs, there is a strong guaranteed possibility that this will turn into Tim Tebow, part II. Soon we'll be having videos of how many times Lin's name is mentioned during SportsCenter, "Linning" will be the new craze, and since he plays for the Knicks, it will be about 59 billion times more prevalent.

But aside from all that, Lin is also a relatively avid YouTube user, and makes goofy videos from time to time. Like this one, released about five months ago, when the lockout was still going on and Lin had the spare moments to make this. It's a tutorial of how to get into Harvard. My personal favorite part is the "and one," but it's all pretty entertaining.

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