Wednesday, April 18

Ranking the Pokemon: #100- Butterfree

Ohhhhhhhhhh babyyyyyyyy. We're finally at the Top 100. It's taken us quite awhile to get here, but if I can churn out one of these every day (and two on some days), I can still make my goal of getting all 151 done within a year. So they'll be flying out fast and furiously. Just like the movie. Except without cars or Vin Diesel.

Anyway, #100 shouldn't really be a surprise, since the early stages of Butterfree and Beedrill have been sticking by each other throughout this list. But the 'free, bug gets the slight nod here because being Bug and Flying type is better than Bug and Poison, if just barely. Butterfree is still weak to an uncomfortable amount of attacks, but it has good Special and pretty good Speed, so it should be able to get a hit or two in before it faints.

Interestingly enough, Butterfree cannot learn any Bug moves (in this generation, at least), and makes its living off Psychic moves and those annoying Grass moves, like Stun Spore and Sleep Powder. Hopefully you can paralyze your opponent or put 'em to sleep, and then maybe get in a Psychic or Psybeam. If you're lucky. And since I'd rather have Psychic moves than Bug moves, Butterfree gets the nod over Beedrill. It also wins for being "switched at birth" by conspiracy theorists, who suggest that, based off appearance alone, Venonat should evolve into Butterfree, and Caterpie/Metapod should evolve into Venomoth. Chaos, I say.

Battling Grade: C-

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