Tuesday, August 23

Ranking the Pokemon: #135- Venonat

Might as well give y'all a double dose, since the posting has been...lacking, to say the least. Venonat's not the absolute worst (which might explain why it's about 16 spots above the absolute worst), and it gets coolness points for being cuddly and possibly a substitute for a Swiffer, but Poison is just abysmal in Red, Blue and Yellow. In fact, it's still abysmal in the fifth generation, but it was really bad back then. Now it's just very bad.

In any case, Venonat is also part Bug, which is basically tied with Poison for worst type. So when you're the two worst types, it doesn't matter how good you are at posing as a cotton swab, you ain't climbing too high on A Hot Cup of Pokemon Rankings.

Grade: D

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