Tuesday, April 17

Ranking the Pokemon: #101- Beedrill

Look at this picture: Beedrill doesn't seem very strong, does it? No, it does not, and you know why? Because it ISN'T strong. In fact, the most powerful move it can naturally learn, Twineedle, has a base power of 25. For comparison's strength, Hyper Beam, one of the most powerful moves in the game (if not the most powerful) has a base power of 150. And an average move is in the 70-100 range. Yet Beedrill learns very few strong moves, and all of them have to be learned by TM. So the bee gets a strike for lackluster moves.

Next, let's look at Beedy's stats. It has above average Attack and Speed, and...um, well...it has symmetrical stripes. I guess it gets a decent amount of HP, as well, so we'll give it that. Thinking about it, actually, Beedrill may have some of the best stats in the game for a Bug type. Which just goes to show how weak the Bug type is. And that gets me to my third point.

Beedrill is in fact, a Bug type, and I'm sure I've mentioned that Bugs are the only thing Psychics are truly weak against in this generation of games. Never mind that Bug moves are the weakest type (again, the strongest move does ONE-THIRD the damage of an average-power move), most of them also are dual Poison types. Beedrill is no different. And if you've read one of my many rants on the Poison type (here's one, for example), you'll know that it's the second worst type, behind Bug. So, in essence, Beedrill is the two worst types in the game. Good luck using your weak Bug attack on that Psychic staring back at you, since any sort of Psychic attack at all will do heavy damage. Oy.

Battling Grade: C-

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