Monday, April 16

Ranking the Pokemon: #102- Vulpix

Let's be upfront: Vulpix is not very good as a battler. But LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE IT IS! I'd want this to have as a pet, let alone use it to blow fire on things. If you're a guy trying to convince your girlfriend to play the first generation of Pokemon games, first of all, way to be fourteen years late; second of all, show them a picture of Vulpix, and then lie and say all of the Pokes are this cute. But don't show her the rest of this list, because then she'll know you're a liar. And liars never prosper. Nor do cheaters.

Anyway, Vulpix has pretty good Speed and Special, although its HP, Attack and Defense are abysmal. The most effective way to use it is to pull out a Confuse Ray, have the opponent attack itself a lot, and intermittently burn it with Flamethrower. You can be super annoying and keep using Double Team, which raises your evasion, so that when the opponent CAN attack, it'll miss. Vulpy learns an exorbitant amount of moves that don't do any damage, so your best bet for that fourth move is either Dig or Toxic. Neither of them are very good, but you need something against things Fire is weak against.

Battling Grade: C-

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