Sunday, April 15

Ranking the Pokemon: #103- Omanyte

Omanyte, along with Kabuto, is one of the Pokes you can get from a fossil early on in the game, although you can't convert the fossil to a Pokemon until pretty late in the game. If you pick the Helix you get Omanyte; the Dome gets you Kabuto. Great trivia, no?

Omastar (which Omanyte evolves into) might be better than Kabutops (which, if you couldn't guess, Kabuto evolves into), but I always liked the Kabu evolutions better. I think it's because Omanyte has tentacles, and that reminds me of jellyfish, which I HATE. Even though I guess Omanyte would be more of a sea mollusk or something like that. Or you could think of that blue region as a bushy mustache. Either way, I'm not a huge fan of it.

Omanyte is a Rock/Water type that learns absolutely no Rock moves, so basically all that gives it is additional weaknesses, specifically to Fighting, Grass and Ground types. In fact, Grass now does 4x its normal damage, since Water is also weak to Grass. That's not helpful for Omanyte. Fortunately, it does have...ahem, rock solid defense, and very good Special Attack, too, so Water type moves do some damage. Of course, there are other Water types that DON'T have those additional weaknesses that can do just as much damage, sooo...Omanyte loses some points because of that.

Battling Grade: C-

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