Saturday, April 14

Ranking the Pokemon: #104- Voltorb

Voltorb was one of the first Pokemon I had ever heard of, so that gives him a bit of a bump up the list. But not too much, though, because Voltorb has nothing going for it, other than an insane Speed. It's the fastest unevolved Pokemon (and Electrode, which Volty evolves into, is the fastest Poke in the game),'s, uh...mistaken for a Poke Ball in the game sometimes. Like when you think you're about to pick up a Poke Ball, and you run into a Voltorb instead. So that's ability?

No, it's not. But it's all Volty's got, in addition to that speed. Its HP is bad. Its Defense is bad. Its Attack is HORRIBLE. Its Special is average, which is a big step up from the others. Here's how a general battle using Voltorb will go:

Voltorb used Thunder Wave, opponent is paralyzed->Opponent uses a physical attack, either knocking Voltorb out or almost causing it to faint->Voltorb, with nothing left to do, uses Explosion and hopes to do some damage to the now paralyzed opponent

Moral of the story? Voltorb's only good moves are one that paralyzes an opponent and one where it self-destructs. But it's still undetermined if Voltorb also self-destructs if you toss it like a Poke Ball.

Battling Grade: D+

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