Thursday, April 12

Ranking the Pokemon: #105- Hitmonchan

Oh, Hitmonchan. The inferior of the two Pokemon you get from the Fighting Dojo, this Jackie Chan namesake is the "punching" Pokemon, while Hitmonlee (who will not be too much further up this list) is the "kicking" one. And neither of them are that good, because, let's be real, Fighting types, outside of Machamp, were not very good in the first generation of Pokemon games. And we all know why (or you should, if you've read the previous entries in this series): Psychic types OWN this game, and Psychic types OWN Fighting foes.

But Hitmonchan does have the advantage of boxing gloves and a dress, so its Attack is OK, and its Speed is aight. Its Special, though, is HORRIBLE (in Gen. II and on, its Special DEFENSE at least becomes really good, even though the Special Attack still sucks). Even the weakest Special attacks (like Confusion) can still take it out, and the Chan-Chan struggles with an otherwise intriguing moveset because of its abysmal stats.

You see, Hitmonchan learns the three elemental punches: Ice Punch, Thunder Punch and Fire Punch. Which theoretically would mean it can hold its own against Rock, Ground, Grass, Flying, Ice and Bug types. And since Fighters are normally weak against a lot of those types, that seems like a great deal: put those three punches on, and then throw some Fighting move like Submission or a Normal move like Mega Punch to utilize that high Attack. But since that Special stat is SO BAD, even with a super-effective hit, you'll do like 25 damage. If you're fighting Level 4 Pidgeys, that's great; otherwise, Hitmonchan is really frustrating.

Battling Grade: C-

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