Friday, April 6

Ranking the Pokemon: #106- Doduo

In all honesty, Doduo should probably be lower on this list. It's got decent Attack and average Speed, and all of its other stats are awful. It's also that awkward Normal/Flying type, which means its one "Normal" weakness (the Fighting type) now becomes a strength, since Flying owns fighters. But it also opens the bird up to all sorts of fun opponent attacks, namely Electric, Rock and Ice. And since Doduo has abysmal Defense and just as bad Special (with low HP), it isn't going to last very long against a smart opponent.

Doduo also only learns one really good move, and that's Drill Peck. I suppose Agility is okay to get its Speed up to mammoth proportions, and curiously enough it learns Reflect but not Light Screen (which generally go hand in hand). Otherwise, it's all Normal moves and occasional Flying ones, like, well, Fly.

So why is Doduo almost in double digits? Partially because I forgot about it, but mostly because I just like its design. It's literally a dodo bird, but it has two heads. It's stupidly simple, yet I've always kind of enjoyed coming across one in the wild. Certainly beats all the Pidgeys and Spearows, and don't even get me STARTED on how much better it is than Farfetch'd.

Battling Grade: D+

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