Saturday, March 31

Ranking the Pokemon: #109- Bellsprout

Fortunately "Step On" or "Trample" isn't a Pokemon move, because then Bellsprout would die in a single hit. As it is, though, it's still not too great, but since I had Pokemon Blue growing up and Sprouty was in there and Oddish wasn't, I'll take this average Grass type over the other. The real issue with Bellsprout, as it is with nearly every Grass type in Generation I, is that it's also part Poison type. And Poison types are TERRIBLE. They're probably second worst, only behind Bug. They're useful against...I don't even know what, Bug and Grass? In the time it took me to complain, I looked up the type chart. They do super-effective damage against Grass types, and are resistant to Fighting and Bug types, in addition to Grass. But Ground and Psychic own the hell out of them, and you know what? Since Psychic was far and away the best type in the first set of games, and everyone used a Golem or Rhydon (or, occasionally, a Dugtrio or Sandslash). So if you're sorry enough to be using a Poison type, just know there are a lot of ways for it to die.

That being said, I like Bellsprout. None of its stats are particularly outrageous (in one direction or the other) except its Speed, which is bad, again, like nearly every Grass type. And it learns a variety of annoyance moves, which is always somewhat entertaining to use against a friend. I think the main reason I like it though is because of its leafy arms and weird sucker mouth. It's like it's a constant vacuum--in the spirit of the lottery being at like $650 million at the time of this posting, one can only hope Sprouty's about to spit out some winning numbers.

Battling Grade: D+

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