Tuesday, September 12

Louisiana Tech and Mississippi State Combine for 87-Yard Loss on 2nd and Goal

Sometimes in football, plays happen that just defy all sense of logic. This 2nd and goal effort from Louisiana Tech is a great example of that. The Bulldogs took on Mississippi State (also aptly named the Bulldogs) over the weekend and found themselves on the wrong end of an eventual 57-21 loss.

No one will remember any of that, though. The only thing people will take away from this game is this play. Louisiana Tech somehow turned 2nd and goal from the 7-yard line into 3rd and goal from their own 6-yard line. A shocking loss of 87 yards. EIGHTY-SEVEN.

Just let that sink in. How many things had to go wrong for that to happen? The most impressive thing in all of this is that Mississippi State had about four opportunities to score – Louisiana Tech was actually fortunate to come away with an 87-yard loss.

ESPN Stats & Info shared that the previous longest amount of yards to get a first down since 2004 was 57 yards when Georgia faced an epic third down against Tennessee. That record is no more. Amazing.

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