Tuesday, September 29

Katy Perry Gets Groped And Kissed By Fan

Katy Perry invited a fan onstage during a recent show at the Rock in Rio festival. That was her big mistake. The fan, clearly high on...something (and it ain't life) gets many feels in on Perry's body, and kisses her at least a dozen times. Of course, the singer kissed a girl in the past, and even liked it, so she turns the potential fiasco into a positive. And the fan even gets a fun souvenir out of it, so win-win all around.

Monday, September 28

AT&T and ESPN Deliver Powerful Don't Text and Drive PSA

Current generations have the unfortunate habit of being buried in their phone. I know I've done it myself. You just have to see that text, or post, or update, and waiting even a minute seems like an eternity. But when you can't wait to look at your phone while driving? That's when lives can change completely.

Fletcher Cleaves, a promising football player out of Corvoda High School in Memphis, TN, was driving home from practice one day with a friend. All of a sudden, an oncoming car came towards him, the driver distracted by his phone. Cleaves was able to avoid hitting the car, but as he swerved out of the way, his own car flipped over. Cleaves was left paralyzed from the waist down.

AT&T, as part of their "It Can Wait" campaign, partnered with ESPN to show Cleaves, both during his playing days and after his accident, as he works towards recovery. He recently graduated high school and moved out on his own.

It's a powerful message, and one that needs to be shared. Stop looking at your phone all the time. If there's anything truly urgent in that text message, the person on the other end should call. If not, wait until you're done driving to look at it. Don't ruin your life, or even worse - someone else's. It's not worth it.

Sunday, September 27

Kenan and Kel Bring Back "Good Burger" On Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon was reminiscing on The Tonight Show the other day about his first job. It was at a place known as Good Burger, and he worked alongside a similarly clueless individual named Ed. The eatery was always busy despite the incompetence of its workers.

Of course, this is simply a flashback to one of the 90s greats, Good Burger. It started as a sketch on All That, and eventually became its own feature film, starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell alongside such great cameos as Sinbad and Shaquille O'Neal. This sketch isn't really on par with past segments, but it's still a terrific dose of nostalgia. Plus Fallon's airhead character is quite wonderful.

Friday, September 25

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Friday, September 18

Woman Captures Photo Of Seal Riding On A Whale's Back

Photographer Robyn Malcolm was hanging out near Eden, New South Wales, when she snapped the above photo. Not sure if you can tell, but it's a seal RIDING ON THE BACK of a whale. And it is having a whale of a time. Malcolm didn't even realize she took the picture until later in the day when she was looking through her photos. Apparently there was just too much animal action going on!

Thursday, September 17

Idris Elba Plays James Bond

Idris Elba has been tabbed to be the next James Bond. And because people are stupid, there's been quite the uproar from some folks, including the author of the books.

Just to show us that this wouldn't, in fact, be nuts, Vulture has gone ahead and made a fake trailer, splicing in Elba. Outside of a pretty corny Photoshopped head at the end, this looks wonderful. Maybe this will end people's criticisms. Though...it's the Internet, so...probably not.

Sunday, September 13

Girl Gets Trapped In Claw Game At Arcade, Takes Cutest Saddest Photo Ever

Earlier this week, KTVT in Dallas covered a story about a young girl getting trapped in arcade claw machine. Don't worry--she's fine. But her quest to wiggle inside the machine and grab a bouncy ball turned out to prove more difficult than she thought. Getting inside was no problem; it was leaving that was the issue.

Six-year-old Juliette Grimes was told by her eight-year-old sister Katy to hop in and grab a ball. She slipped through the swinging glass panel, but firefighters were required to get her out. Those claw machines are always trickier than we imagine.

Saturday, September 12

Harry Styles Corrects Fan's Grammar On Poster Mid-Concert

There are some people (generally teenagers) who base a majority of their self-worth on their obsessions; for example, fans of One Direction--cleverly named Directioners--will pick a favorite, and anything that person does is worthy of discussion.

In this case, I'm actually glad there's attention on One Direction.

Harry Styles, most often cited by Directioners as their favorite member of the group, invited a fan with a poster onstage. The sign told Harry he was so nice, but the main reason for the up close and personal visit? To correct her grammar. Awesome. 1D...helping kill word crimes, one poster at a time.

Friday, September 11

Dan Patrick Appears On SportsCenter, Subtly Drops Jab At Former Employer

Dan Patrick made an appearance on the first episode of the midnight SportsCenter the other night, hosted by Scott Van Pelt. And, partially to squash any rumors of a return, Patrick--who was unceremoniously removed from the show and ESPN in 2007--kept his visitor badge on the whole time. It's a nice subtle jab at his former employer, and it's wonderful. Way to go, Dan. Pretty awesome to see one of the best of the old days chatting with one of the best from the current era.

Wednesday, September 9

Kansas State Marching Band Makes Something Sort Of Resembling An Obscene Display During Halftime Show

The Kansas State marching band is apologizing after its formation had some people crying foul. The band claims it was simply showing an homage to the Star Wars Millennium Falcon, which attacked a Kansas Jayhawk (the team's natural rivals). But some people thought the Falcon looked a little...ballsy, and represented something more vulgar. I don't really see it, but hey, it wouldn't be a weekend in football without some controversy, right?

Tuesday, September 8

Students Target Official During Game, Should Probably Be Suspended From Organized Sports For Life

Two San Antonio high schools squared off over the weekend: Marble Falls and John Jay. The former was able to go the entire game (a 15-9 Marble Falls victory) without attempting to injure a referee. The latter could not.

As someone who's officiated sports--albeit middle school and intramural--this is absolutely sickening. And as someone with a conscience, this is even more disturbing. These two players, #12 Victor Rojas and #81 Mike Moreno, ram into official Robert Watts while his back is turned, watching a play unfold.

Mack Breed, defensive backs coach for John Jay High School, allegedly told his players "that guy needs to pay for cheating us," presumably ordering the hits on the official. He's been placed on administrative leave.

The players said they felt they were wronged by missing or bad calls throughout the game, and alleged Watts directed racial slurs towards them.

Watts is seeking to press charges against the two, and alleges that his name has already been libeled and slandered.

Monday, September 7

Rays Outfielder Tries To Catch Home Run Ball, Catwalk Gets In The Way

Kevin Kiermaier of the Tampa Bay Rays made a valiant effort to catch a home run ball off the bat of Royals DH Kendrys Morales. In fact, he stretches in a way that almost seems inhuman as he's hanging off the outfield wall.

Unfortunately for Kiermaier, Morales's ball hit the catwalk at Tropicana Field, and was ruled a home run anyway. Adding insult to injury, said ball dropped back onto the turf about 20-30 feet in front of where Kiermaier is just chilling on the outfield wall. Thanks to the camera angle, it looks like he just VERY badly misjudged where the ball was going. And it's quite fantastic.

Sunday, September 6

BYU Beats Nebraska On Nuts Final Play

Freshman quarterback Tanner Mangum threw up a 42-yard Hail Mary to end BYU's first game against Nebraska. And wouldn't you know it, Cougars wide receiver Mitch Mathews pulled it down and fell into the end zone. Game, Cougars.

What's even more impressive than Mangum's heave is that he did it after just 10 passes in his collegiate career, which all came in this game. The freshman replaced normal starter Taysom Hill, who's going to miss the rest of the year with a lisfranc injury. That's two years in a row Hill's had his season ended by an injury. Hopefully Mangum is ready to lead plenty more successful drives like this one. Way to go, Cougs.

Saturday, September 5

Man Saves Family And Rack Of Ribs From Fire, Gives Great Interview Afterwards

A California man named Robert Wright was simply making some ribs at 3 in the morning, a fairly common occurrence for us hungry folk. That's when he noticed a fire starting nearby. Or maybe next door. It's not clear.

What is clear is that Mr. Wright acted heroically. He saved his kids, and once his family was safe, he made sure he got his ribs out to safety, too. Check out his recap above, and I hope those ribs taste as good as they look. Enjoy, Robert. You've earned 'em.

Thursday, September 3

Funny Or Die Tries To Answer The Real Reason Women Don't Direct More Action Movies

I'm not sure if this short from Funny or Die answers the questions it's posing, but hey, why not give it a try. It features Max Greenfield (Schmidt from New Girl), Will Hines and Ryan Stanger as three...somethings really wanting a movie to go "boom," and a host of female directors, producers and writers, like Becca Scheuer, Suzi Yoonessi, Brianne Trosie, and Eleanor Winkler.

Honest Game Trailers: Metal Gear Solid

Smosh Games is back with another installment of "Honest Game Trailers." I didn't really play the Metal Gear Solid series of games growing up, but hey, I still appreciated it. So if you're a true fan, you'll probably love this. Or hate it. Either way...enjoy!

Tuesday, September 1

What Happens When You Accidentally Like A Photo On Instagram

We've all been there--scrolling through an Instagram feed, when suddenly, you realize you've accidentally double-tapped a picture, or clicked the 'Like' button. Now, a little notification is telling that person you've 'Liked' their photo, but what if you don't actually...you know, like it? BuzzFeed Video runs us through the options.