Tuesday, September 8

Students Target Official During Game, Should Probably Be Suspended From Organized Sports For Life

Two San Antonio high schools squared off over the weekend: Marble Falls and John Jay. The former was able to go the entire game (a 15-9 Marble Falls victory) without attempting to injure a referee. The latter could not.

As someone who's officiated sports--albeit middle school and intramural--this is absolutely sickening. And as someone with a conscience, this is even more disturbing. These two players, #12 Victor Rojas and #81 Mike Moreno, ram into official Robert Watts while his back is turned, watching a play unfold.

Mack Breed, defensive backs coach for John Jay High School, allegedly told his players "that guy needs to pay for cheating us," presumably ordering the hits on the official. He's been placed on administrative leave.

The players said they felt they were wronged by missing or bad calls throughout the game, and alleged Watts directed racial slurs towards them.

Watts is seeking to press charges against the two, and alleges that his name has already been libeled and slandered.

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