Tuesday, June 3

Ranking the Pokemon: #44- Omastar

Omastar is one of those Pokemon that, if you didn't have internet (like during the time Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow were released), you may never even have known existed. It's obtained via evolving Omanyte from the Helix Fossil, which you get after surviving the horrible, horrible cave known as Mount Moon. I believe that's when my hatred for Zubat began. But I digress...

The reason you may not have known about Omastar is because you only got to pick one fossil when you exited the cave. So, you may have chosen the Dome Fossil and gotten Kabuto, instead. But, for those of us who want to catch 'em all, Omastar is a solid tank. With outrageous Defense and Special, you can take some hits worry-free. 

While O. My. Stars doesn't learn any super great moves, you can still build up a decent moveset--Blizzard and Surf are musts, while I personally like throwing on either Reflect/Rest and then one of the "recoil" moves, so either Submission, or Double-Edge. Take Down does the same thing as Double-Edge, except it's less accurate and less powerful. Sometimes GameFreak really does make it easy.

Battling Grade: B

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