Friday, April 18

Ranking the Pokemon: #45- Flareon

Flareon, like Ninetales, is a Pokemon who I think would make a good pet. But of course, as I typed that sentence, my dog came to stand on my chest and lick my face, so maybe I don't know anything.

Regardless, Flareon's little ascot of fur is quite adorable, and the little fella packs an enormous punch. Attack is out of this world, and Special is very strong as well. The other moves are lacking, but hey, you've got some options.

Flamethrower is a must to get that STAB bonus, and Reflect and Double Team are the way to go to shore up the poor Defense and cover for the lackluster HP, respectively. For the final move, use Hyper Beam for its tremendous attack power, or Double-Edge so you don't have to wait a turn to charge, or Body Slam so you don't take recoil damage. The possibilities are endless. Well, I guess the possibilities are just those three (or you could go further annoyance and put Toxic or Fire Spin in there. I think the Toxic/Fire Spin combo was actually viable in Generation I, but I never did it, because I don't like not having control of my Pokemon for 3-5 turns. Some people might like that, though, so more power to them.

Battling Grade: B

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