Wednesday, June 4

Ranking the Pokemon: #43- Rhydon

Fun fact: Rhydon was the first Pokemon ever created. And as the "original" pocket monster, it has a bunch of cool trivia tidbits. For instance, it's the only Pokemon with a Rock/Ground type combo to have Ground as its primary type. So...that' I guess.

Despite having a penchant for easily being demolished by Water and Grass attacks (and to a lesser extent, Ice, Fighting and Ground itself), Rhydon can still put up an okay fight before a drop from your can of Mountain Dew kills it. Sure, its Speed is woeful at best, and its low Special only ensures more damage from a Super Soaker or whatever other Water thing attacks it, but its Attack is absurd, one of the highest in the game, and its Defense is, once again, as I say for every Rock type, rock solid. HP is very high too, making Rhydon a supreme choice for a tank.

Of course, let's be thankful TMs exist, because without 'em, Rhydon would only learn Normal moves. And Normal moves are generally bad and should feel bad. But with TMs in the picture, Rhydon now has an awesome variety of moves. So what should we toss on there?

Earthquake is a must, as it's the best Ground-type attack in the game. Ditto with Rock Slide, since you can take out those pesky fliers, and both moves get STAB, or Same Type Attack Bonus. You probably can use one of those Normal-type moves, as well--my vote goes to Double-Edge or Hyper Beam. As for the fourth move, it's really tempting to put Thunderbolt, Surf, Fire Blast or Blizzard on a Rhydon. After all, a Ground/Rock that can bust out a Special move, surprising that Gyarados or whatever that just appeared?

It sounds good in theory, but then you think back to Rhydon's terrible Special. Pretty sure even I could generate a more powerful special attack than it could, and I'm a human, not a Pokemon. At least not yet. While Thunderbolt would be an okay last ditch effort in case you find yourself in a fight against a sprinkler system, I'd rather toss on Horn Drill or Fissure. Sure, you only have a 30% chance of connecting, but these are one-hit-kill moves. I'd rather take a shot at that than do super effective damage, but only see that HP counter go down like 20 points. BOO-YAH!

Battling Grade: B

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