Thursday, February 6

Ranking the Pokemon: #53- Parasect

Remember the little baby parasites that Paras had on its back? Well, they have somehow morphed into one big mushroom, and now they've taken over this poor crab, or whatever Parasect is. I like to imagine 'secty is wearing glasses, since its eyes aren't visible.

Parasect has strong Attack and pretty good HP and Special, so it's not a terrible battler. That big mushroom must be heavy, though, since Parasect is slower than molasses. Like, I could stop writing this, take a walk, maybe even deposit a check at the ATM, and still have time to make some hot cocoa before Parasect could even lift a claw. 

Parasector Z (and Paras) are the only Generation I Pokes that learn the move Spore, and that's a cool bonus. I like moves that work 100% of the time, and being able to put someone to sleep with 100% accuracy is pretty fantastic. Slash was also a solid move in its heyday, racking up critical hits like it ain't no thang. It's probably worth including Stun Spore, too. Even though its accuracy leaves something to be desired, if you play with some kids that complain when you put too many of their Pokes to sleep, you can paralyze one instead. As for the final move, why not take advantage of Parasect's Grass-type and put Solarbeam on there. Sure, you might die before you can even get a shot off, but hey, that big mushroom taking in energy looks pretty sweet.

Battling Grade: B-

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