Sunday, January 12

Ranking the Pokemon: #54- Pidgeot

Let's be real: Pidgeot is mostly this high up for nostalgia's sake. For anyone playing Pokemon Red or Blue, the start of this evolution (Pidgey) is probably the first wild Pokemon you encountered. Or at least the second, behind Rattata. When I was a young lad making my first run-through of the game, Pidgeot was the first Pokemon I caught that I evolved fully, and actually used it during an Elite Four run. Of course, I know much better than to do that now--though the Elite Four is so unchallenging that I'm sure a team of six Magikarp could probably take them--but the winged vermin still got me through some rough times.

Statwise, Pidgeot is litchrally the definition of average. Its Speed is its best trait, and its Attack is just a little ways behind it. Of course, none of that means much when all of those stats are, as I said, average. Pidgeot also suffers from the Generation I Curse of the Flyer, in which a lot of moves that would become Flying were Normal-type moves in this generation. And Normal-type moves ain't supereffective against anyone. Your best bet for a 'geot moveset is probably Fly, which was still decent back then, Agility, Hyper Beam/Double-Edge and...I don't know. Mirror Move? Double Team? Reflect? Rest?

The point is, you're not going to overwhelm and/or scare anyone when Pidgeot comes out, but you may make them pause slightly as they reminisce to a simpler time, when you only had one Potion and a Trainer was telling you about the concept of grass. And that trip down memory lane is a win for everyone.

Battling Grade: C

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