Wednesday, April 6

A Pair of Vids

Here we have two videos, both from groups that were wildly popular and then quieted down a bit. Well, they're both back with new stuff, and they both have some fairly entertaining videos.

Let's start with what's sure to please the masses--a new Lonely Island video. After the massive success of their first album, Incredibad, the trio returned with the ever-catchy "I Just Had Sex" featuring Akon. Their newest effort is called "We're Back," and it's the intro on their second CD, Turtleneck & Chain, which is due out May 10. While definitely not as good as the first single (or even the first song off of Incredibad), it's still worth a few chuckles.

The second video is by a band that was big during the high school years ...or later if you're older...or earlier if you're any case, the group is Good Charlotte, and they released their fifth studio album, Cardiology, in 2010. While they haven't completely gotten back to their roots of their first two-albums (i.e. the vibe is still sort of dance-y), they prove with their latest single "Last Night" that they still know how to have fun, Nickelodeon style!

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