Tuesday, April 5

And Now, For Something Completely Similar

Many apologies for the delays in between postings, but hey, it happens sometimes. To make up for it, here is an extravaganza of thoughts. Well, mostly videos, but some thoughts.

First off, the college basketball season ended yesterday. A sad day already, but even more so if you're a Butler fan, as they shot an abysmal 18.8% from the field. That's making history the wrong way, fellas. Back-to-back appearances in the title game is nothing to scoff at, though, and while it's unlikely they'll make it a trio of trips next year, these Bulldogs aren't going anywhere anytime soon. If you'll recall, way back at the beginning of March we posted the Hot Cup's picks for selecting the winners of each conference tournament. While those winners have been known since Selection Sunday three-plus weeks ago, it's still fun to revisit and see how we fared.

Nailed a couple of gimmes with Duke and Belmont, then correctly predicted Kansas would both win their tournament and be done by the Elite 8. Too bad many brackets had Kansas as the champions. Oh well. We'll also take credit for Akron winning the wide-open MAC. Total all the correct picks and we finished 10 for 32, and if not for a Princeton buzzer beater it would have been 11 correct. Not bad if we're using baseball metrics.

I suppose Florida Atlantic losing in the first round of the Sun Belt tournament capped off an anemic season for that conference in general, but it didn't make our pick look any better. Also choosing Nicholls State to win the Southland looked pretty silly when they immediately got knocked out, too. The Missouri Valley title was also not a toss-up between Missouri State and Wichita State. We picked the Shockers, who didn't even make the title game, and Mizzou State lost to the Indiana State Sycamores. Should have seen THAT one coming, right?

Kurt Cobain committed suicide seventeen years ago today, and there's a full-feature film of the relationship between him and Courtney Love. Definitely emotional and longer than the average video we link to or put up here, but it's worth a viewing.

More Digital Shorts
The blokes at SNL have done it again--another random video that is sure to get a ton of views on YouTube. We'll help contribute to that view total. And Tom Hanks is in this one, so it must be a winner (spoiler: it's not a winner).

If you watched carefully, you spotted a Carmelo Anthony appearance in the above video. As many prolific New York athletes do, Anthony was on the show. Below is a clip of him portratying a woman shotput thrower on an ESPN Classic spoof.

Hey, we didn't say these were good, they're just...interesting...

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