Friday, April 8

Hey, the Tennis Courts Are Full, Let's Use an Airplane Instead!

If you're professional tennis player Novak Djokovic, then you may have uttered the above statement. Debuting the Head Youtek IG Speed MP 18x20 tennis racket, Djokovic takes to the skies in a commercial that has a ton of buildup (probably too much so), but is still really cool. Especially if you consider that the Serbian was actually on the plane, 1,000 feet in the air. The description of the video is also pretty amusing too:

Novak Djokovic is on an undefeated run, plowing through everyone and everything in his path on the ATP in 2011... running out of challenges, he decides to take on gravity and other laws of physics like drag and air resistance with his Head Youtek Speed MP 18x20. He still wins.

Video Courtesy of Head/Penn Racquet Sports.

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