Wednesday, June 29

New Sum 41 Music Video Features Many a Meme

This truly is the summer of pop punk resurgence. Between Blink-182, Green Day, Simple Plan and Good Charlotte, a number of albums have been released or are soon to be released that 15-year-old me really would have enjoyed, and current me probably will still like.

Oh, and let's add Sum 41 to that list. The Canadian pop punkers just dropped the first single from their album 13 Voices, an aggressively...well, aggressive song called "Fake My Own Death." The music video is a meme lovers dream, featuring all kinds of annoying things flying across the screen while the band plays amidst the battlefield. This is the first album that features three guitar players, so it should lend itself to some creative sound. We'll see – for now, this is plenty to nod your head to.

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