Sunday, October 4

ESPN Cuts To Unaware SportsCenter Anchors During Dabo Swinney's Postgame Speech

After Clemson's emotional, close 24-22 win over Notre Dame last night, Dabo Swinney was interviewed about the win on the field. He spoke about...well, viewers didn't entirely know, because the broadcast cut away to ESPN anchors Jay Harris and Kevin Connors fiddling around on their tablets, likely making last-minute preparations for the show.

ESPN said it was just a technical glitch, though a lot of Twitter isn't buying it, as the cut happened as soon as Swinney started thanking God. I obviously don't know ESPN's intent, but having been in that situation where the broadcast cuts away to me when I wasn't paying attention, it's very annoying. Check it out below:

ESPN did post the interview in full, if you just didn't want to miss a single word Swinney said.

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