Friday, July 24

Harry Potter = Eminem?

Daniel Radcliffe was hanging out at Cameron's Pub in Half Moon Bay, CA, when karaoke night began. Naturally, he decided to show off his rapping skills, and chose a solid song in "The Real Slim Shady" by Eminem (though I'd personally choose "Without Me"). He certainly gets a little off-rhythm a few times throughout the performance, but hey, it's still pretty impressive overall.

What is not impressive is girlfriend Erin Darke's contribution to the song. The dancing is fine, sure. But the shouting in the chorus is kind of loud and obnoxious. Having hosted karaoke, I've seen many a drunk person do this very same thing, so I shouldn't be too surprised. Also big thumbs down to the camera lady for filming in vertical, though she's actually made a comment about it on the video itself, threatening to disable the comments because so many people have criticized her about it. I guess perhaps people like seeing a video instead of black bars? Sorry boutcha. Enjoy the performance!

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