Wednesday, December 10

Ranking the Pokemon: #4- Mewtwo

If we were going on stats alone, Mewtwo would be #1. Everything it has is just absurd. Its worst stat is Defense, which is at 90. That's an above average score, and again, that's its WORST stat. 

As a whole, Mewtwo's total base stats equal 580, which is the most of any Generation I Pokemon. Its Special is the highest of any Pokemon in Generation I. Its Speed is the second highest of Generation I, behind just Electrode. It's seventh in HP, and tied for 10th in Attack. It's even in the Top 30 for Defense, which, once more, is its worst stat. That means even in its absolute worst category, Mewtwo is still in the top 20% of all Generation I Pokemon.

Unfortunately, that incredibly overpowered skill set causes Mewtwo to drop a few notches. You see, Mewtwo isn't allowed in many battles as a legendary Pokemon. What's more, there are tournaments where everyone is eligible EXCEPT Mewtwo (and sometimes Mew, as well). Mewtwo is like the weird kid in high school who's probably almost 30, but no one's ever dared to find out because they don't want to talk to him. In the game's story, Mewtwo is actually a genetic experiment gone wrong. Sounds about right--a fun experiment to try on your friends is to use a team of six Mewtwos, then see how long it takes for your friends to stop talking to you forever.

Movewise, there are only a handful of TMs Mewtwo doesn't learn. My personal favorite moveset is Psychic, Thunderbolt, Blizzard and Recover. Psychic for the STAB, Thunderbolt to take out common Water and Flying-types, Blizzard to freeze Grass and Grounders, and Recover to just be a jerk and gain health when your opponent finally thinks your Mewtwo is a goner. Serves them right for being hopeful.

Battling Grade: A+

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