Friday, October 31

Ranking the Pokemon: #5- Alakazam

Alakazam always bugged me for the longest time, because you can only obtain it by trading a Kadabra, and I could never find anyone to trade with. CUE THE SAD, LONELY MUSIC. I guess that's what I get for starting to play like four years after everyone else was bored with the game.

Anyway, Alakazam's name in Japanese is "Foodin," which is quite appropriate, because it has two spoons. And with those two spins, it DISHES OUT THE PAIN. Apparently this entry is going to feature a lot of caps lock. I've already used it twice in two paragraphs. On pace for an absurd amount.

In addition to the spoons, I'm also a big fan of Alakzam's dapper mustache. I fully expect it to don a top hat and monocle at some point in its evolution. MAKE IT HAPPEN, GAME FREAK.

'Kazamy has ridonkulous Special, and its Speed is top notch, too. Very few Pokes are going to attack before Alakazam does. It's also one of the few Pokemon that has a universally-accepted base set. I like that EASE OF USE: Psychic, Thunder Wave, Reflect and Recover. The first one does STAB and attacks everyone like crazy, the second one paralyzes, the third one ups Alakazam's pretty weak defense, and the fourth one restores HP. THAT'S REALLY ALL YA NEED!

Wow, apologies for all the yelling. I just get excited because Alakazam is really good. If you don't want to follow the crowd, you can hipster-ize your Psychic friend a bit, though it's pretty dumb to do so. You can randomly heave something like Dig or Submission or Counter on there, but Alakazam's Attack is horrible. It might as well just throw the spoons at its opponent for a lil' extra damage. But it can't do that, so just stick with the norm, okay? GOOD WORK.

Battling Grade: A

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