Wednesday, October 15

Ranking the Pokemon: #6- Lapras

Aw, Lapras. Pokemon's answer to the Loch Ness Monster. That shell doesn't nearly cover its five...fins? And look at that seductive pose it's sitting in. Lapras, this isn't "It's Just Lunch," you can settle down.

Weird stares and Princess Leia hair aside, Lapras is an absolute BEAST on the battling field. It has enormous HP, and all of its other stats are above average to good. Speed is a little slow, but hey, it's a mythological behemoth. I wouldn't expect it to be fast.

Lapras's movepool is the thing that's most absurd about it. Seriously, go ahead and name four moves. Chances are Lapras can learn them, either naturally or via TM/HM. Did you name Confuse Ray, Surf, Thunderbolt and Psychic? Because YUP, Lapras can learn all of those as a #SPECIALSWEEPINGLAPRAS. Or maybe you wanted Body Slam and Blizzard on there, too? Go right ahead. Perchance you're facing some Water type and don't want to use Thunderbolt? No worries, SolarBeam's got ya back. Mayhaps you're feeling like turning Lapras into a tank? Alright, let's go with Rest, Reflect, Double Team and Horn Drill. The only damage you'll do is of the killing variety. I LIKE THAT. And you know what? Even if you wanted to challenge yourself and put four dreadful moves on your Lapras, you theoretically could, with Psywave, Dragon Rage, regular Rage/Skull Bash and Sing at your disposal. I'm getting tired of typing words, but I think that's a pretty fantastical display of what Lapras is capable of learning.

Other fun facts you never knew about Lapras (and if you did, you're more of a nerd than I am, because I had to look these up): It was depicted with teeth in its Generation I artwork; it has the highest base HP of all Ice-type Pokemon and is the heaviest non-legendary, non-mega evolved Pokemon; finally, it knows the most one-hit KO moves. You can almost build an entire moveset just out of those. It would be a waste, but HEY, IT'S POSSIBLE.

Battling Grade: A

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