Friday, December 5

Hockey Player Fits In Six "Meows" During Postgame Interview

Goodness, I love when players have fun in their interviews. And if they're referencing the best scene from a movie? Even better.

In this case, the movie being referenced is Super Troopers, a film from 2001 that has a few fantastic moments, but otherwise is largely forgettable. What's UNFORGETTABLE, though, is when two of the troopers play the "Meow Game," where they see how many times they can fit the word "meow" into a conversation.

During a recent ECHL game, Ray Kaunisto of the Kalamazoo Wings threw six meows into a two-question interview with reporter Ben Garrod. Garrod appreciated the humor of things, and hopefully some folks at the game got a kick out of it, too.

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