Friday, August 1

31 Days of Calvin and Hobbes: Day 1

Calvin and Hobbes is, without a doubt, the best cartoon ever made. I don't care what other comics you like; if you don't have C&H in the #1 spot, you're just wrong. Plain and simple.

Fortunately, Bill Watterson gave us a good decade's worth of imagination, wit, cynicism, and just about every other kind of emotion you can imagine. And as I enter my birth month and inch even further from childhood, I wanted to put up a cartoon each day for the next 31 days, along with a little commentary on it. Of course, I own none of these comics, and all of the work belongs to Watterson.

Our first entry demonstrates how Watterson masterfully could tell an entire story without using a single word. Calvin just wants to go play outside, but his dad is too busy working. After a little while, the dad realizes his priorities were backwards, and he goes to make things right. Calvin's often antagonizing his father, and his dad on more than one occasion has remarked the family should have gotten a dog instead of a son. Deep down, though, the love is there, and it's beautifully rendered in heart-warming fashion.

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