Wednesday, June 4

Ranking the Pokemon: #42- Haunter

Haunter is one of the highest non-fully evolved Pokemon on this list, and for good reason: it rocks. Also, if you don't have a buddy or at least a second Game Boy to play with, you'd never be able to obtain a Gengar, and so a Level 100 Haunter would have to be enough for you. You greedy, greedy child.

Anyway, besides being just a face and hands (and apparently an average 2013 movie from Ukraine), Haunter has absurd Special Attack. Like, it rivals most fully-evolved Pokemon. That means moves like Psychic and Thunderbolt will do some very quality damage. With pretty great Speed, too, Haunter will be moving through opponents like...I don't know, a butter knife through a warm stick of butter? That's probably too cliche, but Haunter eats 'em up, and it likes its butter.

I'm also fairly certain Haunter is an expert piano player. Just look at the positioning of those hands. It's a natural! Once Pokemon: The Musical comes out, I fully expect Haunter to be among the main characters. Let's make this happen.

Battling Grade: B

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