Sunday, June 8

Ranking the Pokemon: #40- Machoke

Goodness, now that I see Machoke's picture, I kind of regret putting him this high. Look at that vacant stare and his slovenly pose. He also has arms that look like a kid who's skateboarded down "Murderer's Canyon" one too many times. In other words, they look like they're covered in scrapes. And its name used to be "Kung-Foo." Yikes.

Machoke is also simultaneously modest and vain, according to various Pokedex entries. In The Official Pokemon Handbook (yes that's a real thing, apparently), it often looks at its reflection, so much so to the point that it'll stop fighting because it's too busy staring at itself. That explains the stupid grin on its face, at least. But in Pokemon Stadium, Machoke is allegedly very strong, but always modest. STOP CONFUSING US, GAMEFREAK. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Anyway, onto the actual battling portion of the 'chokester. The Attack, like nearly every Fighting-type ever, is very good, and the HP and Defense ain't nothin' to sneeze at, either. Of course, Speed and Special aren't great, though Machoke's Special is probably the highest of any fighter in Generation I. So it's nice to know you likely won't be killed in one hit from a Psychic or Flyer. 

Movewise, you can learn a plethora of Fighting-type attacks, plus Earthquake to take care of those pesky Electric-types. And to utilize Machoke's awesome Attack. There are other moves to add, but we'll really delve into that with Machamp. Gotta save something for the champ, right?

Battling Grade: B-

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