Saturday, June 7

Ranking the Pokemon: #41- Marowak

Marowak is this high up on the list because if its awesome backstory/conspiracy theory about it. First of all, it appears as a ghost in the original Pokemon games, and the generic ghostface looks pretty cool. Then, it finally moves to the afterlife, but there's also a Cubone (Marowak's prevolution) running around somewhere without its mother. Although, it still has a piece of its mother in the form of THE GIANT SKULL ON ITS HEAD. I covered this in more detail on the Cubone entry (which was probably written about 486 days ago, at the rate I do these rankings), but it's still pretty awesome. Marowak's bone has also somehow gotten bigger, so that's an added BONE-us. Haha. I'm a riot.

Coolness factor aside, Marowak is not the best battler. Yes, it having an extra skull affords it an excellent Defense, but everything else is average or worse. And really, just the Attack is average; the other stats are "worse" to "bad". You'd think something that I could probably easily cradle in my arms would be more powerful, but apparently not. At least being a Ground-type means those common Water-type (and to a less extent, Grass-type) moves only do two times the damage, as opposed to the traditional four with just about every other Ground-type (since they're also rock). Glorious.

Marowak can learn a bevy of moves, but with that abysmal Special rating, you probably shouldn't put Bubblebeam, Fire Blast or Blizzard on there. Although you certainly could, for the sake of surprise. Earthquake is an absolute must, and I like Submission/Double-Edge as well. Double Team isn't a bad choice, either, since if they can't hit you, they can't kill you. Plus, being annoying is fun when it's not you that's annoyed. And that's a win-win all around. Er, for you. Your opponent will hate it.

Battling Grade: C+

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