Tuesday, April 15

Ranking the Pokemon: #47- Ninetales

Look at this: it's my 900th post here on A Hot Cup Of Joey, and it's for Ninetales, or as you might say in tweet speak: 9Tailz. Fantastic symmetry!

Ninetales was one of the first Pokemon I ever learned about, so there's definitely a nostalgia factor going on. But it also looks like a Pokemon that would actually be reasonable to have as a pet. The actual petting aspect is tremendous, the wagging would be adorable, and cooking would be a breeze. No more waiting for your oven to get up to 400 degrees, just let Ninetales breath on those fish sticks and you'll be chowing down in no time. Also, now that I've been a dog owner for like nine months, I can safely say it's the best decision I've made in my life. Dogs are the best. Ninetales is a dog, and therefore, is the best.

So why is Ninetales not #1? Because, sadly, I cannot actually own a Ninetales, and I just have to battle with it. Because Fire types are pretty haggard, Ninety can't do much, but it's got some fairly solid stats and moves to give it a fighting chance: Speed and Special are both great, and the other stats are all around average. Move-wise, A Tale Of Nine Cities can pick up Confuse Ray and Flamethrower, which are both VERY solid moves. If you want to be real annoying (which might actually be the way to go with Ninetales), toss on Reflect and Double Team. That way, your opponent will be confused, you'll be harder to hit, and when they DO connect, if it's a physical move, the damage will be diminished. Sounds like a wonderful way to lose friends to me.

Battling Grade: B+

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