Wednesday, April 16

Ranking the Pokemon: #46- Weezing

Weezing is a TANK. It also looks like the saddest sack of crap ever, and I guess it is, since it's litchrally two bags of toxic air (a.k.a. crap). But with outrageously high Defense and solid Attack and Special, Weezing can take a few hits and then Explode when the HP is low.

I pretty much just summed up the moveset you should put on Weezing: Explosion, which will obviously kill the Weezer but will also most likely make your opponent faint. Also, Weezing looks silly in Pokemon Stadium when it faints.

Outside of Explosion, Weezing doesn't have a lot of options. Thunderbolt is a nice little change of pace from the norm, and can give Weezing a fighting chance against Water and Flying types. Double Team is good as well for annoyance. Then maybe...Hyper Beam? Haze? I didn't realize Weezing's movepool was so limited, otherwise I might have dropped it a little bit. But aesthetically it cracks me up, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt here.

Battling Grade: B-

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