Friday, February 28

Ranking the Pokemon: #52- Dugtrio

Dugtrio is among the fastest Pokes in Generation I, and certainly the fastest ground type, so it has that going for it. You'd think that since they're just three Digletts put together (real creative, Game Freak) that their Attack would be, well...three times that of Diglett's. And you'd be WRONG. Duggy's base Attack is 80, while Diggy's is 55. That's not a fantastic increase, so maybe only one of these Digletts is actually strong, and the other two are just there for show.

Meanwhile, I STILL don't know if those pink things on Dugtrio's face is a nose or a mouth. And they still kind of look like a barrage of poops. Which I know all too well now that I have a dog.

Anyway, outside of the wonderful Speed and the decent Attack, Dugtrio's stats are all pretty bad. Its HP is just downright terrible. I'm pretty sure I could take a hit better than the Trio, and I'm not a Pokemon. Although if I was, they'd have to invent a new type: Weird. Because I'm weird.

Movewise, throw Earthquake and Rock Slide for sure. Slash is pretty good, too, although I'd love to know just what Dugtrio is using to slash opponents. I wish Dig got a bonus since Dugtrio is clearly its namesake Pokemon, but alas, it's just an inferior version of Earthquake. I'd probably forgo it in favor of some Normal-type attack, or even Rest. Though by the time you wake up, that HP might be more gone than Dugtrio's nose/mouth, whichever you think it doesn't have.

Battling Grade: B-

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