Thursday, April 11

Ranking the Pokemon: #65- Seaking

Seaking is one of those Pokemon that's just kind of generic. It doesn't do anything too great, but it's not THAT horrible. And I just learned that Seaking's name was originally Neptune in Pokemon Red & Blue beta-testing. I did a school report on the planet Neptune one time, and it's pretty cool. So that gets Seaking a few brownie points, even if its Neptune is from the god in Roman mythology. Oh well.

Seaking makes it possible for you to get through later games without ever finding HM07 (which is Waterfall, although in Generation I Waterfall was never an HM, so it's pointless to even mention that. Sorry). That baby horn also makes Seaking able to learn Horn Drill. Any move that can kill an opponent in one hit is A-OK in my book, even if the accuracy is dreadful. Sometimes it's your only line of defense. Throw that along with Surf, Blizzard and Agility, and you have an okay fish. It's a fish out of water, but it's still okay.

Battling Grade: C

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