Tuesday, April 9

Ranking the Pokemon: #66- Golbat

Freakin' Golbat. You don't see these things quite as often as Zubats, but they're still out in full abundance in almost any later cave you go into. And, much like Zubat, they're just as easy to kill with any basic Ice/Electric/Rock/Psychic-type attack you want to throw out there. Golbie's stats are all fairly average, with pretty good Speed and meh everything else.

One of the more interesting moves this bat learns is Haze. In the first and second generations of games, Haze resets all stat levels of both Pokemon to 0, and removes any status ailments of your opponent. So it's actually more beneficial to the Pokemon you're fighting against, rather than Golbatta-batta. My favorite thing about Haze, though, involves frozen Pokemon and the move Hyper Beam. Since Hyper Beam attacks and then requires a turn to recharge, if a Pokemon becomes frozen during the recharging turn and then Haze is used, that Pokemon will be unable to attack until it faints or is returned to its owner. 

Golbat also looks like that carnival game where you through a beanbag or baseballs or something equally stupid into a clown's mouth and try to knock its teeth out. By my estimation, you still have four shots left, since Golbat still has four teeth. And it's weak against four types. Coincidence? I think not. Well played, Game Freak, well played.

Battling Grade: C

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