Friday, May 4

Ranking the Pokemon: #92- Sandshrew

Sandshrew's mostly this high because of how adorable it is. I mean...look at that! Wouldn't you want to have that hanging around? Even if the lines make it look like it's made out of bricks, it's still pretty presh. It can hold its own in battle, too, but you may need some help for it to do so.

Statwise, Shrewy has ABSURD Defense, and very good Attack as well. Unfortunately, Ground types are easily killed by Water, Grass and Ice attacks, which are ALL "special" attacks, and Sandshrew's Special is...well, nothing special. Its Speed ain't great, either, which means all those even average Water types will get first crack at burying the Shrewdster--or I guess drowning it? No. I don't want to imagine something that cute inhaling water. I just finished playing L.A. Noire today (which is a great game, by the way), and much of the entire last mission is underwater based. Can't imagine that would be much fun to actually do. But I digress...

Sandshrew doesn't learn any great moves naturally (outside of Slash, which was like ALWAYS a critical hit in the first generation of games), but via TM you can slap Swords Dance on it, then round it out with a pair of attacks--Earthquake, Rock Slide, Submission and Body Slam would be my choices (in that order, so I'd only have Earthquake and Rock Slide). And since it was insanely easy to get infinite copies of TMs in Pokemon Red and Blue, well, it would be insanely easy to put that Sandshrew together. And assuming you survived the first hit after Swords Dance (and the second one since you're not gonna be faster than most things), you have quite the beast on your hands.

Battling Grade: C

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