Wednesday, May 16

Ranking the Pokemon: #83- Abra

Alakazam, which Abra eventually evolves into, is awesome. Outside of the legendary Mewtwo and Mew, Alakazam is the best Psychic type in the game. That's the main reason Abra is this high, despite being a "first-evolved" (my just-right-now-made-up-term-for-the-first-line-in-an-evolutionary-chain). Maybe I should call them "first-years" like in Harry Potter. Yes, I like that better. So Abra is one of the best first-years out there.

Well, that's assuming you can catch it. Abra learns only one move naturally: Teleport, which allowed a wild Pokemon to flee. In later generations, Teleport actually had some use in battle, but in the Generation I it had one use and one use only: to irritate the heck out of you when you tried to catch a wild Abra. You see, Abra is very fast, so it will often go first in a battle. And since its only move is Teleport, it will immediately flee from the battle. Before you even have a chance to catch it. Your best bet was to put it to sleep or paralyze it, and then hope it couldn't move. Because if it could, it's going to use Teleport and you're not going to catch it. What a dastardly foe!

Once you do have an Abra, though, it's pretty sweet. You'll have to use TMs to spruce it up, but you can give it Psychic and Thunder Wave, which are two staples of every single Alakazam you'll see. Reflect is also another common move, which Abra can use. If you really want to get crafty you can use Seismic Toss as your fourth move. That one does damage equal to Abra's level, so it can do a solid 100 if you for whatever reason don't level Abra up. Hey, it doesn't have a lot of options at this point. Might as well turn it into an Alakazam. Or at least a Kadabra.

Battling Grade: C+

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